Bridie Gallagher

Обложка альбома Bridie Gallagher.
  • Трек: I'll Always Be with You
  • Исполнитель (артист): Bridie Gallagher
  • Длительность 3:00
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Bridie Gallagher - I'll Always Be with You"

    Dear Danny I'm taking the pen in me hand
    To tell you we're just out of sight of the land
    In the grand Allan liner I'm sailing in style
    But I'm sailing away from the Emerald Isle.
    A strange sort of sigh seemed to come from us all
    As the waves hid the lad bit of auld Donegal
    Oh it's well to be you that is takin' yer tay,
    Where they're cuttin' the corn in Creeslough today.

    There's a woman on board who knows Katie by sight
    And we talked of auld times 'till they put out the light
    I'm to meet the good woman tomorra' on deck
    Sure we'll talk about Katie from this to Quebec.
    I know I'm not match for her, no, not in the least
    With her house and two cows and her brother a priest
    But the woman declares Katie's heart's on the sea
    While mines with the reapers round Creeslough the day.

    If Gaffney comes courting or John Michael Mick
    Put a word in for me with a lump of a stick
    Don't kill Gaffney outright he's no kind of chance
    But Mickey's a rogue you might murther at once
    For Katie may think as the longer she waites
    A boy in the hand is worth two in the States.
    And she'll promise to honour, to love and obey
    Some ruffian that's roaming round Creeslough the day.

    Goodbye to you Danny, no more's to be said
    And I think the salt water's got into me head
    For it drips from me eyes when I call to mind
    The friends and the coleen I'm leaving behind.
    And still she might wait, when I bid her goodbye
    There was just the least taste of a tear in her eye
    And a break in her voice when she said 'You might stay,
    But please God you'll come back to auld Creeslough some day.'
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